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Mrs. Constants

Priscilla Constants.jpg

History Teacher

Mrs. Constants has a Bachelor’s degree with Cum Laude Honors in History and Government, and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education. She is very passionate about teaching and working with students of all levels, and has been teaching for 37 years. Specializing in AP United States History, AP World History, AP United States Government and Politics, AP European History, and Study Skills, Mrs. Constants helps numerous students achieve high and perfect AP exam scores. Mrs. Constants’s passion for teaching and depth of experiences enable her to help numerous students struggling to grasp ideas behind historical issues and events.

Ms. Gross

Ms. Gross.JPG

English Teacher

Ms. Gross teaches English at one of the nation’s top high schools, High Technology High School in Lincroft, New Jersey. She teaches English for students in 9th through 12th grades, and has 15 years of experience teaching SAT English (and in fact, Ms. Gross herself scored an 800 on the SAT English exam when she was a high school student.) Ms. Gross is knowledgeable in all components of the SAT English section and is exceptionally skilled at imparting knowledge to her students. Ms. Gross has helped many Marlboro Learning Center students achieve top scores, including 1600’s, for the most recent SAT examinations. Many of her students have gone on to pursue further education at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, and other reputed universities.

Mr. Hwang

Leo Hwang.jpg

Mathematics Teacher

Mr. Hwang is a certified math teacher who graduated from Brown University with a Master's degree in Mathematics. He has been teaching various levels of high school math for over 15 years, including SAT Math, Precalculus, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and AP Statistics. Mr. Hwang is a true "Math Guru" and he teaches the fundamentals of mathematics to help students, and his main goal is not only for students to excel on exams, but also to build a solid foundation in mathematics used to solve real world problems and future advancement.

Meet our Teachers!

Mr. Koutsothodoros (Kouts)

Konstantinos Kouts.jpeg

Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science Teacher

​Mr. Koutsothodoros is a professional teacher of Mathematics with a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. He has over 14 years of teaching experience on Math, Physics, and Computer Science, including SAT/ACT Math, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, Precalculus, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Honor Physics, and AP Physics C (Mechanics and E&M), AP Physics I & II, and AP Computer Science A. He emphasizes on teaching the fundamentals so that students can build a solid foundation on both the subject and problem-solving skills required to excel on exams and applications of concepts in the real world. Being extremely familiar with the structure and style of questions, Mr. Koutsothodoros has helped hundreds of students achieve high and perfect scores.

Mr. Kovalcin

James Kovalcin.png

Physics Teacher

Mr. Kovalcin, a physics enthusiast, has coached many students on the US Olympiad team and has even helped write a Physics textbook. He has been teaching physics for over 36 years at various institutions, including Monmouth County Science and Engineering Center at Manalapan High School. Mr. Kovalcin has gained many experiences with students by teaching AP Physics I, II, C Mechanics and E&M, Honor Physics, and Olympiad Physics, as well as coaching the Manalapan High School Physics team in the National Science League to first place. Mr. Kovalcin’s classes are also filled with exciting laboratory experiments that enhance the classroom environment. He clearly explains difficult concepts to students and specifically, the origins and applications of the laws of physics.

Mr. Milan

Greg Milan.jpg

Chemistry Teacher

Mr. Milan has a Comprehensive science certificate with nearly 40 years of experience. He has taught AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Chemistry, Honors Biology and Lab Physics. Mr. Milan’s experiences teaching multiple sciences allows him to connect concepts common to all the sciences, when students recognize the common themes in science, the class becomes easier to understand. He is familiar with the concepts that students have trouble with and have developed numerous methods to make the concept clear. In AP courses he builds student toolboxes for free response questions, identifying examples that can be used in multiple places. I work on test taking skills and show student to reason an answer with the information that they know and that a correct answer can be derived from a number of directions. Mr. Milan has helped countless students achieving top or perfect scores in AP exams.

Ms. Patel


Biology Teacher

Ms. Patel, has a Master’s degree in Secondary Education specializing in Life Sciences and over 20 years of teaching experience in Biology and AP Biology. She has developed a skillset directly relevant to teaching different levels of students in Honors Biology, CP Biology, AP Biology, Honors Anatomy and Physiology, and elective science classes such as Emerging Diseases and Science, Technology, and Society. Ms. Patel also coaches Science League teams and has advised the Science National Honor Society. Ms Patel thoroughly enjoys teaching courses with inquiry-based science practices including cause and effect with CER (claim, evidence, and reasoning) experiments.

Ms. Pross 

Kerry Pross.jpg

Chemistry Teacher

Ms. Pross has been teaching AP Chemistry at West Windsor Plainsboro High School for over 10 years, and she has over 20 years of experience teaching Honors Chemistry and AP Chemistry. She has a master’s degree and has also been an AP CollegeBoard exam free response reader/grader for the last 6 years. She has helped countless students during her tenure to achieve the highest possible level of understanding in all chemistry concepts and those on the AP Chemistry exam. This past year, her students have had a 95% passing rate with the majority of the passing students scoring a 5. In addition to her role as a teacher, she is also the Science Olympiad and Science Bowl Coach who has taken her teams to multiple state and national championships.

Dr. Richardson

Samuel Richardson.jpeg

Economics Teacher

Dr. Richardson has a Harvard University Ph.D. and over 10 years of experience teaching at various institutions including Harvard University, Boston College, and high schools. He focuses his curriculum on helping students develop a deep understanding of fundamental economics and has a proven track record for improving students’ confidence and helping them achieve high and perfect scores on AP exams. His focus is not on memorization, but rather on helping students answer the question of "why" behind economic, mathematical, and statistical techniques and results.

Mr. Rutkowski

Michael Rutkowski.jpg

English, AP Language, AP US History Teacher

Mr. Rutkowski is an SAT expert and certified teacher who has over 20 years of experience on various subjects including SAT/ACT, AP English and AP US History. Mr. Rutkowski is deeply familiar with the most difficult questions on the SAT English section, and he is well-versed in teaching students the proper methods to attain top scores. He discusses key SAT questions on vocabulary, writing, sentence correction, and reading comprehension, in addition to the fundamentals of grammar, critical reading, essay writing, and test-taking skills. He focuses on evidence-based reading, words in context, grammatical writing, passage analysis, and many other necessary skills. Furthermore, students are frequently evaluated on their reading/writing capabilities. Numerous tests, reviews, and homework assignments are standard for his classes. Mr. Rutkowski’s SAT students have shown significant improvements, and sometimes as much as 300 to 400 point increases.

Ms. Saulnier

AP Biology, Biology Teacher


Ms. Saulnier is an outstanding teacher with 18 years in the Medical Science Magnet Program of Freehold Regional High School as the lead teacher. She knows how to build a strong relationship with students, engage them in their learning and use a need-based assessment to address their individual learning style. As a result, the student will meet the goals of the course and it will lay the foundation for continued academic growth. Her teaching style incorporates the study, note taking and practice skills necessary for students to meet the challenge of the course, and the majority of them achieved top or high scores on the AP Exam.

Mr. Simpson

Paul Siimpson.jpg

English Teacher

Mr. Simpson has a Master’s degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Education and over 19 years of experience teaching students of all levels and SAT/ACT classes. At Harvard, he designed his own curriculum, conducting unique research focused on standardized test instruction and achievement. He has helped thousands of students achieve their testing goals using his test methods and strategies, and hundreds of his students have achieved perfect scores. Mr. Simpson has also written ten test-prep books on the SAT and PSAT. Mr. Simpson is very much liked by all students he taught. He has a unique way of motivating students to learn and making learning more fun.

Ms. Wilhelm


Math Teacher

Mr. Wilhelm is a certified math teacher and has been teaching Middle and High School math for 22 years including Pre-algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. She is passionate about breaking down complex problems into clear steps so that they are easily understood. She has helped hundreds of students gain skills and confidence in math. Her goal is to unlock student's potential and enable them to achieve their best grade. She also helped many students prepare for standardized tests. She has rich online resources to help students reach their full potential. With Ms. Wilhelm's help, many students have improved their grades to an "A".

Mr. Zheng

Ed Zheng.jpeg

Student Outreach Program Director

Mr. Zheng is currently head of the Student Outreach program who won the math competition AIME award many times and received the AMC10 Distinguished Honor Roll. He also received Gold and Silver awards in the scholastic Art and Writing Awards. With his high achievements in both Math and English Writing competitions, he helped many students win both the math competition and English Writing competition awards. Mr. Zheng also extend his amazing ability in both Math and English to help many students gain significant improvement in either school performance on math and English including homework/tests, and SAT scores.

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