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Meet our Science Teachers!


Mr. Haroon

Computer Science Teacher

Mr. Haroon is an IT professional working at Goldman Sachs. He knows Python and Java in and out. He is specialized on big data with applications on financial and other systems. He also worked at Microsoft and earned internship at numerous high-tech companies. Mr. Haroon knows what it takes to succeed in high-tech jobs/interns interview and gain required skills for the job. In addition to Python Basics concepts and fundamentals, Mr. Haroon can teach students building project with practical application to gain the experience that beef up the students' resume to enhance their chance of acquiring internship and jobs.



Biology Teacher

Dr. Jensen is currently a certified teacher of International Baccalaureate biology and research at Biotech High School, number one high school in NJ. She has a PhD in Education with a specialization in eLearning and a Master in Biology. She has been teaching at Biotech for 16 years. She also runs Biotech High School's senior internship program. Dr. Jensen’s passion lies science education. She truly enjoys working with students. Whether by exploring and/or creating a model, designing a lab, or participating in a kinesthetic activity, she plans lessons that help kids to grasp ideas and enrich their understanding of the world around them. Her student pass rate for the AP Biology exam is high with majority of them get a top/perfect score.


Mr. Kovalcin

Physics Teacher

Mr. Kovalcin has coached many students is US Olympiad team. He wrote Physics textbook. He has taught physics for over 36 years at various institutions, including Monmouth County Science and Engineering Center at Manalapan High School. He has been teaching a combination of AP physics, C Mechanics, and Electricity & Magnetism, AP Physics I, II, Olympiad Physics, Honor Physics, and regular Physics. He is dedicated, well-organized, and thorough. Over the last decade, he coached the Manalapan HS Physics team in the National Science League to first place. He can clearly and accurately explain difficult concepts so that they can be easily understood. He can also explain the basis and origin of the laws of physics, as well as their applications. Every class, Mr. Kovalcin spent significant amount of time to focus on individual student’s needs. he uses variety of experiment equipment and tools to help student understand the concepts in Physics. Majority of Mr. Kovalcin’s AP students got perfect score of 5. Minority of students got 4. Very few got 3 if any. Mr. Kovalcin is a teacher you don’t want to miss if you are studying Physics.


Mr. Milan

Biology and Chemistry Teacher

Mr. Milan has a Comprehensive science certificate with nearly 40 years of experience. He has taught AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Chemistry, Honors Biology and Lab Physics. Mr. Milan’s experiences teaching multiple sciences allows him to connect concepts common to all the sciences, when students recognize the common themes in science, the class becomes easier to understand.  He is familiar with the concepts that students have trouble with and have developed numerous methods to make the concept clear.  In AP courses he builds students' toolboxes for free response questions, identifying examples that can be used in multiple places. I work on test taking skills and show student to reason an answer with the information that they know and that a correct answer can be derived from a number of directions. Mr. Milan has helped countless students achieving top or perfect scores in AP exams.


Mr. Perry

Math and Computer Science Teacher

Mr. Perry is a certified math teacher with 15 years teaching experience with a master’s degree on Computer Science from NYU. He has taught all levels of Math including SAT/ACT Math and Science, Pre- Calculus, Algebra I & II, Geometry and Pre-Algebra, and AP Computer Science. Mr. Perry is well liked by his students for his patient attitude and his personalization of his teaching to meet each student’s unique needs. He is an expert at diagnosing and remediating student’s weaknesses so that they can achieve their maximum potential. Students taught by Mr. Perry have been extremely successful, getting admission to extremely competitive colleges.


Ms. Pross

Chemistry Teacher

Ms. Pross is currently teaching AP Chemistry at West Windsor Plainsboro High School for over 10 years, with over 20 years on teaching honor Chemistry and AP Chemistry. She has a master’s degree and has also been an AP college board exam free response reader/grader for the last 6 years. She has helped countless students during her tenure to achieve the highest possible level of understanding in all chemistry concepts and AP chemistry exam, with this past year having a 95% passing rate with majority of the passing students scoring a 5. In addition to her teaching, she is also the Science Olympiad and Science Bowl Coach who has taken her teams to multiple state and national championships.


Ms. Sanelli

Biology Teacher

Ms. Sanelli is currently teaching AP Biology, Biology, and Honors Research Class in Molecular Biology at East Brunswick High School, who has a Comprehensive science certificate with over 40 years of experience. Ms. Sanelli also served on the Biology Assessment for the National Board Teacher’s Certification Program. The research class she is teaching is run in conjunction with Rutgers University Waksman Student Scholars Program (WSSP) which provides opportunities for high school students and their teachers to conduct an authentic research project in molecular biology and bioinformatics and publish their findings. Ms. Sanelli received excellent feedback from her students. She has helped countless students to achieve the highest possible level of understanding in all Biology concepts and AP Biology exam, majority of her students scoring top/perfect score.

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