Meet our K-8 Teachers!

Ms Fox.jpg

Ms. Fox

English Instructor

Ms. Fox is an English professor and a certified English teacher with experience in teaching SAT English, Reading, and Writing at all levels for over 16 years. She has been teaching at Marlboro Learning Center for over 7 years and is an outstanding instructor. Her success in teaching the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and all levels of Language Arts is evidenced by her students' high SAT scores, parents' stellar feedback, and numerous requests for her tutelage. She has also guided students through essay-writing in the college application process for over 15 years, and as such is an excellent college application consultant. Many of her students have attended top universities, including Princeton, UPenn, Columbia, and Cornell.


Ms. Ahmed

K-8 Instructor

Ms. Ahmed is exceptionally good with young children. She is dedicated to youth education, focusing on elementary and middle school students. Her strong academic background, in addition to her teaching experience with Reading, Writing and Math, make her a reputed, in-demand teacher students K-8. Ms. Ahmed has gone out of her way to search for the best materials and teaching methods in an effort to maximize her students’ potential to be advanced and motivated learners. She is popular among her students, and her students have made outstanding advancements under her tutelage.

Ms. Styles.PNG

Mrs. Styles

English Instructor

Mrs. Styles is a certified English teacher with numerous years of teaching experience in reading, writing, and SAT English for middle and high school students. She has been teaching at Marlboro Learning Center for many years. She is a very structured, organized, and responsible teacher who is well-respected and loved by her students. Mrs. Styles knows how to instill within students fundamental reading and writing skills while also cultivating life-long reading habits with frequent reading assignments. Students in her class achieve high scores both in school and on SAT exams.