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“The first week I started at Marlboro Learning Center @Edison, my SAT score was approximately 960. Throughout a whole month, these teachers had helped me to increase my SAT score from a 960 to 1480.”

— Danny W, Summer SAT Student

Happy Twins

This is an excellent learning center and quite honestly saved my grades. Specifically Honors Biology and Algebra 2 Honors. My biology grade started out with a C+ and didn’t seem like it would go up until I came here. The teachers are amazing especially 1 on 1. My math grade started out as a B. After just 2-3 weeks of learning, both of those grades are now As.

— Jim Y, MLC Student

Happy Student

What We Do

Learn Ahead

Our Learn Ahead program assures students learn before they learn in the  school all year round.

Test Ahead

We test students to find problems before the school tests or standardized tests.

Fix Ahead

We fix the problems before the school tests or standardized tests.

To Be Ahead

As a result, students have improved from B, C, D, F to A+, A, B+ or up to 300 - 400 point Improvement in SAT.

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