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Marlboro Learning Center Teachers Profile

Teachers listed by alphabetical order of Last Names

Mrs. Baer is a certified teacher who earned a Master degree from Columbia University with major on Teaching of English, and has taught JP Steven and Edison High schools over 15 years. Mrs. Baer has a very unique way of teaching students with various angles to help student quickly reaching their full potential. She is very good at using various web sites and modern techniques to teach the new SAT to help students reach full scores in a short period of time. She works very hard with students. Her essay corrections are so thorough and to the points. She quickly earns the heart of students.

Mrs. Chen is a certified teacher who taught AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and prepared students ready for SAT II Chemistry at Holmdel High School for over 30 years. Chen’s teaching focuses on basic concept comprehension instead of memorization. As a result, not only students achieve high scores on AP/SAT II, their school works have also improved significantly. In many instances, we have seen improvement from a C average to A in school report cards. For free-response questions in AP Chem exams, Mrs. Chen emphasizes on keywords in the answer. Especially important chapters in the book where full comprehension of the subjects is essential since questions are likely to draw from those chapters to assure completion of the students learning. Mrs. has taught AP Chemistry and SAT II Chemistry for many years at Marlboro Learning Center and gained high remarks from students. Numerous students under her teaching have accomplished 5 (full score) for AP, and 800 for SAT II.

Ms. Drust is a certified Biology teacher with over 15 years of experiences on teaching AP Biology, Honors Biology, and SAT II Biology. She has helped countless students achieving top scores (5 in AP, 800 for SAT II) as well as school works in Biology. She has the ability of making the real world connection to the topics that the students are studying so that students are motivated to learn, and make the learning more interesting. With her broad experiences on high school teaching and AP Biology education, she knows the deficiency of the school teaching, and knows how to make up the deficiency to help students achieving top scores. Ms. Drust is especially familiar with the new AP Biology changes made two years ago. She knows how to train students to answer free response questions which have increased significantly in the AP test. In addition, she teach students how to apply math formulas to solve real world problem instead of memorization, as well as teaching the synthesis techniques to analyze various data sources to explain and summarize important biological functions. Ms. Drust is the teacher who knows how to help student achieving high in AP/SAT II Biology.